Ucom LLC

Title:Application Architect

Location:Yerevan, Armenia

Duration:Full time


Description:We are looking for an Application Architect who must carry out various tasks to ensure that application software is effectively and efficiently designed, produced and tested. Position require a high level of technical expertise, combined with excellent planning, coordination and communication skills, and the ability to work on teams. Vancants must have an experience with relevant development tools and specific application and system architecture, in addition to a strong understanding of object-oriented design.


• Bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, or a related field
• Minimum of two to five years of related work experience
• Understanding design and production procedures and standards to create prototypes and finished products
• Effective leadership skills are crucial
• Strong analytical, creative, problem-solving and critical thinking skills


• Oversee the Design Process for Application from product design to testing and modifications
• Create models and prototypes, evaluate potential risks and defects, analyze specifications and customizing applications for specific tastks, including components such as user interface, middleware and infrastructure
• Software Provide Technical Support for developed projects, provide solutions in areas of disaster recovery, data integrity and security, evaluate and recommend software technologies in these areas, evaluate alternatives and analyze problems with data infrastructures
• Create technical documents, produce documents relating to application architecture, design steps, integration processes and testing procedures relating to each product developed

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