Title:Digital Marketing Manager

Location:Yerevan, Adontsi St., 2 Building


Description:JointoHire is looking for an inspired and inspiring, creative digital marketing manager, who will analyze the market, bring bright ideas and new fresh concepts to enhance the brand identity. The candidate will have frequent discussions with the product manager regarding the marketing strategy and roadmap. (S)he will manage the content team, giving tasks and on-time answers to the team issues and questions.


- Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field
- Proficiency with SMM tools and platforms(google ads, facebook ad manager, etc)
- Full working proficiency in English
- Experience in managing and motivating a team
- Solid knowledge of theory and implementation of basic marketing concepts(marketing mix, buyer persona, market segmentation, etc)
- Creative thinking
- Persuasive writing


- Managing a content team consisting of writers, graphic designers, videographers, etc.
- Writing, editing and proofreading content.
- Brainstorm with team members to develop new ideas.
- Provide editorial, creative and technical support to team members
- Manage content across all platforms, including email and social media.
- Monitor customer base, trends and competitive market.
- Respond to customer service issues in a timely manner.
- Create effective customer service procedures, policies, and standards.
- Develop customer satisfaction goals and coordinate with the team to meet them on a steady basis.
- Conduct social media campaigns
- Constantly collaborate with product manager working on brand identity

Address:  Adontsi St., 2 Building

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