Workfront Armenia

Title:Senior Software Development Engineer in Test

Location:Yerevan, Armenia


Description:As a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test at Workfront, you will be an integral contributor in our cross-functional Agile teams. You will be the Quality advocate, working together with other team members to ensure consistent and predictable delivery of innovative, scalable, high-quality software that delights our customers.
You will get a chance to work with and learn the most in-demand technologies on the market - in an actual enterprise-grade environment with quarterly goals focused on making you a better Engineer.


• Experience programming and building test coverage in at least one of the following languages - Python, JavaScript, Java.
• Ability to understand technical design and complement it with a complete testing strategy
• Proven expertise in building efficient automation suites across all testing layers (unit, integration, E2E)
• Experience testing microservices
• Clear understanding on git branching strategies and associated CI/CD pipelines
• The ability to gather, visualize and make decisions based on coverage data
• Basic understanding of virtualization solutions (Docker)
• Ability to organize and perform Exploratory testing when necessary

Now blow our minds away by having:
• Experience testing micro-front ends and React components
• Experience with defining testing strategies for feature toggles (
• Expertise building GitLab CI pipelines
• Experience with K8 cluster management for both test infrastructure and test environment purposes


As a Senior Software Development Engineer in Test, you will oversee as well as actively contribute to the technical execution of Workfront's Quality Strategy. You will work closely with Software Engineers on your team to understand the technical design of our platform and ensure richer testability that simplifies defect discovery. You will be tasked to define a test approach focusing on effectiveness and prevention, with safety checks in place to detect potential issues on each stage of our development process. You will assist your team in engineering a complete test automation suite, defining tests on each layer in order to maximize effectiveness while keeping high coverage levels. You will build parts of the test suite yourself, including the end-to-end layer, and make sure the entire run is easily maintainable and can scale in a growing CI/CD environment with frequent code changes.

You will shape the testing approach for entire services and micro front-ends in alignment with Workfront’s overall vision as we constantly improve our toolset and quality standards. You will continue supporting delivered features beyond production by actively monitoring and validating defects and working on providing an excellent experience to our customers. Throughout the sprints and releases, you will identify and communicate any risks to the team and other stakeholders.

You will be expected to stay up to date with the newest process trends, tools and innovations in Automation and DevOps that can help your team, and Workfront, build a more detailed and actionable picture of coverage and quality.

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