Title:DevOps / Site Reliability Engineer

Location:Yerevan, 24/19 Azatutyan avenue, 3rd floor


Description:We at SFL are looking for a resourceful DevOps (Development and Operations) professional to oversee the daily execution of processes, operations, support activities and monitoring within the wide realm of production and CI tools. This role is for a creative individual that is passionate about development, passionate about Infrastructure, and capable on both fronts.


* At least 3 years working experience with Linux Servers
* Knowledge of network administration fundamentals (routing, switching, security etc.)
* Basic knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL database administration (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Elastic, Mongo, MSSQL)
* Knowledge of scripting languages (Bash, Python)
* Working experience with monitoring, log management and data visualization systems (ELK, Splunk, Nagios, Grafana etc.)
* Experience with configuration management systems (Ansible, Chef, Puppet)
* Experience with cloud providers (AWS, GCP)
* Experience with web servers (Apache, Nginx)

* Experience with managing microservices
* Experience with backup systems
* Experience with clusters and storage/disk management
* Experience with Windows systems(Active Directory, Group Policy)
* Experience with infrastructure orchestration systems (Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform)
* Good knowledge of English

* Strong professional consistency and willingness to maintain organizational processes
* Strong written and verbal communication skills
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to enable efficient incident resolution
* Proven ability to work under stress in emergency situations


* Maintenance and management of on-premises and cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure) based staging and production systems to ensure security and high availability
* Work with development teams to design and develop fully automated continuous integration pipelines
* Configuration and management of databases, ensuring their performance, availability and scalability
* Application performance and infrastructure key component monitoring via various monitoring systems
* Diagnosis of issues on production environments with a quick problem solving mindset
* Development of scripts and simple applications for automation purposes
* Participation in meetings with development teams to design better managed, easier to maintain and scale applications/microservices

Address:  24/19 Azatutyan avenue, 3rd floor

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