Title:JavaScript Developer

Location:Yerevan, 24/19 Azatutyan avenue, 3rd floor


Description:Are you a JavaScript Developer looking to take that next step in your career? We have a great opportunity for you to join a highly professional team! If the challenge to create new things, develop new software that revolutionize the way a business functions sounds good, then you’ll find the challenges in this opportunity very rewarding!


* Excellent knowledge of the latest ECMAScript standards
* Hands on experience with HTML5 APIs such as Canvas, Media, Storage, Service Workers etc. WebGL is an advantage
* Excellent knowledge of latest CSS standards
* Hands on experience with SASS or LESS and BEM methodology
* Knowledge of React/Redux
* Experience in building mobile/responsive applications with heavy touch interactions and performance optimization
* Experience with tools like Webpack, SystemJS and Gulp
* Highly self-motivated and creative problem-solver
* Excellent verbal and written communication skill


* Create an amazing experience for millions of users.
* Provide decisive and effective technical leadership for a team of seasoned developers skilled in front end technologies
* In this role you will often be involved in certain phases of the project lifecycle from intake to delivery and will be considered one of the team members that has key input into a solution that is well-architected, operable, maintainable, and delivered on schedule
* Ensure products are built with high scalability and reliability
* Stay up to date with current frameworks, tools, and libraries.

Address:  24/19 Azatutyan avenue, 3rd floor

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