Ucom LLC

Title:Systems Administrator

Location:Yerevan, Armenia


Description:We are looking for an enthusiastic professional with some experience in Linux OS and different in-distribution Applications/Servers with a strong willing to learn more and deeper, to enhance and widen knowledge base, area and quality in order to grow into a skilled systems engineer and a self motivated professional in Telecome/IT SP field. The starting point of doing so for an appropriate candidate is to deal with individual subscriber problems initiating from end user services and devices, troubleshooting those and collecting and categorizing issues into a systematic problems which correlate with the HW/SW/NW eco-system.


* Bachelor Degree in Information Technology or Electronic Engineering or related field.
* 1 to 3 years experience in Telecoms/ITSP
* Knowledge of concepts: IPTV, OTT, DTV, DVB
* Advanced User Level Acquaintance with some of:
* RedHat/Oracle/CentOS/Debian/SuSE/ Linux Administration, Linux Networking
* System Management and Maintenance Automation (one or more of - Chef, Jenkins, Supervisor, Bcfg2, Graylog, Runit, Upstrart, Loggy, Snort, CFEngine, Systemd, Ansible, Iperf, Memcached, Squid, Logstash, SaltStack,)
* System Monitoring (some of - Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, Graphit, Prometheus, Graphana, Pagerduty, God)
* System Scripting (one or more of - bash, csh, perl, python, ruby, javascript)
* Web Servers (some of - Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Nginx).


* Provide platform monitoring and service monitoring support to the TV team and wider audience to help improve overall quality of monitoring system.
* Work closely with the NOC, CC and level1/2 support and other related departments on incidents and provide direct follow up to Level 3 support and SW vendors if required.
* Troubleshoot individual subscriber issues affecting core TV and extra services (Portal apps, youtube, TV set and STB connectivity related).
* Participate in clean take over and acceptance of new TV core and auxiliary components from the engineering and development/SW delivery teams.
* Support the testing and validation in pre-production environment (test lab) to confirm and validate bug fixes for new SW (code) releases.
* Reproduce known issues/problems and reported incidents in production in this test lab.
* Assist in Acceptance Tests and Operation Field Trials.

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