Ucom LLC

Title:Platform Engineer

Location:Yerevan, Armenia

Deadline:   21 Apr 2019


Description:We are looking for a talented Systems Engineer who has the experience necessary to help build out our existing infrastructure and troubleshoot problems as they arise. We are a growing team of highly dedicated IT professionals who give their all to help our department and company flourish.

The ideal candidate for this position can prioritize mission critical tasks and coordinate the construction and expansion of our systems, updates and other maintenance tasks in the way of daily operations. We are interested in automating as many of our processes as possible to reduce the potential for human error.


* Bachelor degree in Information Technology or Electronic Engineering or related field. MSc is a plus
* About 3 - 5 years experience in IT field
* Advanced knowledge in RedHat/Oracle/CentOS/Debian/SuSE/ Linux Administration, Linux Networking, Linux Security, (FreeBSD is a plus)
* Embedded linux, RealTime Linux, Mission critical systems
* Concepts of SW design, development, complex systems
* System Management and Maintenance Automation ( some of - Chef, Jenkins, Supervisor, Bcfg2, Graylog, Runit, Upstrart, Loggy, Snort, * * CFEngine, Systemd, Ansible, Iperf, Memcached, Squid, Logstash, SaltStack,LDAP)
* System Monitoring Experience (some of - Nagios, Zabbix, Cacti, Graphit, Prometheus, Graphana, Pagerduty, God)
* System Virtualization (VMWare ESXi/vCenter, KVM, Docker, Xen, User-Mode Linux, Qemu)
* System Scripting (one or more of - bash, csh, perl, python, ruby, javascript)
* Database Administration MySQl/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, (Non-relational DBs is a plus)
* Web Servers (Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Nginx).


* Make sure that all platforms (IPTV,OTT and Auxilary) and all their components necessary for the service are maintained and operated in a sustainable way.
* Implement platform monitoring and service monitoring core tools and develop custom/specific tests to help improve overall quality of monitoring system.
* Design and implement centralized log server (high performance archive) to collect and categorize logs from all the different system layers and servers.
* Troubleshoot complex issues affecting underlying supportive platforms and components.
* Maintain HW/SW systems and platform components that serve missin critical services.
* Design and implement High Availability or Hot/Cold Redundancy in all layers and levels of supportive platforms.
* Provide experience in analysis of major incident root cause and write RCA documents.
* Provide feedback/reporting to the TV department head concerning performance and capacity of production environment and platforms/components.
* Participate in clean take over of new TV core and auxiliary components from the engineering and development/SW delivery teams.
* Review and judge on related Requests For Change from different affiliates based on impact on the platforms, networks and components from system perspective as well as in light of the number of impacted service customers.
* Work closely with NOC and NMS teams to set requirements for alarm management. Identify alarm priorities. Take ownership of reporting on incidents.
* Participate in troubleshooting of major production issues.

Address:  Armenia

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