Workfront Armenia

Title:QA Engineer

Location:Yerevan, Armenia

Deadline:   28 Mar 2019


Description:As a QA Engineer at Workfront, you will be an integral contributor to our agile development teams, taking the vision for Workfront products to ensure an amazing customer experience. You will work in a cross-functional Agile team reviewing and estimating assigned work, creating test plans from requirements for Workfront’s Work Automation Cloud platform and automating them.

You will shape the test approach for individual features and feature areas by identifying needs for test data, environments, and tools, ensuring acceptable levels of functional test coverage, as well as centralizing around customer experience and values. Throughout the sprints and releases, you will clearly outline the current state of the product by communicating any and all the risks to the team and other stakeholders.


A Typical Day in Your World:
* Meet with your team and communicate the current state of testing activities and the quality of the application; provide update about work you were able to complete yesterday and will complete today.
* Automate customer scenarios in UI(Selenium) and API layers with Java
* Work with your team to plan your sprint and take on tasks that will help your team succeed.
* Review requirements and work with Product Management to eliminate ambiguities and potential conflicts early in the process.
* Create and execute test plans to evaluate functionality and usability for assigned products and features.
* Work with Customer Support to investigate and escalate defects reported by Workfront customers.
* Conduct Root Cause Analysis on defects and other issues, and suggest preventive actions to avoid those happening again in the future.
* Build experience with Workfront products to become a subject matter expert across the whole offering.
* Communicate test results, status and associated risks, with possible mitigation activities to the team and leadership.
* Analyze functional requirements and define the test approach for features and feature areas by identifying needs for test data, environments, and tools.
* Devise exploratory testing focused on customer workflows and user experience.
* Have a fabulous lunch with people you respect and admire. Enjoy your coffee and drinks …or 10 because, hey, they are free!
* At the end of a release, celebrate the fact that your and your team’s work is indeed awesome and unspeakably incredible, take some time to do some research, train in a new technology or even play a game – em, we mean participate in a team building exercise – with your team.

To Land This Job You’ll Need:
* Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Business Information Systems or related field or equivalent work experience.
* 3+ years of software testing and quality assurance with direct experience with most of the typical daily tasks.
* Demonstrable analytical skills and critical thinking.
* Have decent coding skills in any object-oriented programming language, and some test automation exposure based on those.
* Experience with the SDLC in an Agile environment.
* Understanding of different testing types and their applicability in different environments and situations.
* Fluency in processing a complex list of functional requirements and reducing them to testable features.
* Knowledge and/or experience in SQL and relational databases, web technologies (HTTP, HTML, JavaScript), and tracking systems.
* Will-do attitude and growth mindset to ensure a successful journey with Workfront.
* Excellent written and at least practical verbal knowledge of English.

Now, Blow Our Minds:
* Describe how you would diversify your approach depending on the specifics of the system under test, as well as time and resource constraints.
* Understand project management fundamentals.
* Show passion for software testing by describing how you keep up to speed with the recent developments of the craft.
* Demonstrate fantastic communication skills such that we are confident that you will not only adapt and work well with a software engineering team, but also excel in a collaborative team environment.
* Show that you have passion and drive to take ownership of problems, deliver quality solutions, stand out from the pack and grow with us.

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