Webb Fontaine Holding LLC

Title:Database administrator (PostgreSQL)

Location:Yerevan, 6 fl., 2/5 Armenakyan str.

Deadline:   29 Mar 2019


Description:We are looking for Database Administrators to design, install, maintain and upgrade the Webb Fontaine databases (production and non-production environments) and provide technical expertise in the use of database technology. If you work well in a team environment and exhibit flexibility when addressing daily shifting work priorities, you are welcome to apply.


* A solid working knowledge of database administration methodologies and techniques
* Good understanding of logical and physical database design principles.
* At least 1 years of work experience in DBMS management using PostgreSQL
*BS degree preferably Computer Science or equivalent
* Good knowledge of PostgreSQL 10
* Good knowledge of Linux (RHEL)
* Experience with shell scripting and job automation
* Knowledge of SQL and optimizations
* Ability to create technical documentation
* Experience with Oracle Database is a plus


* Manage the administration and integrity on a PostgreSQL 10 database as well as all technical aspects of the databases and processes
* Modify existing databases and database management systems or direct programmers and analysts to make changes
* Review workflow charts developed by programmer analyst to understand tasks computer will perform, such as updating records.
* Approve, schedule and plan the installation and testing of new products and improvements to computer systems, such as the installation of new databases.
* Identify and evaluate industry trends in database systems to serve as a source of information and advice for upper management.
* Work closely with analysts and developers to define and resolve information flow and content issues, helping to transform business requirements into environment specific databases
* Use high-speed transaction recovery techniques and backup data
* Develop databases across multiple platforms.
* Implement and preform backup and recovery procedures in database management system manuals for making changes to database and help develop the tools and techniques that allow to access data in a secure environment.
* Monitor database performance, implement changes and apply new patches and versions when required
* Determine, enforce and document database policies, procedures and standards
* Minimise database downtime and manage parameters to provide fast query responses
* Document the database environment and standard operating procedures
* Automate DBA activities

Address:  6 fl., 2/5 Armenakyan str.

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