Foundation for Armenian Science and Technology (FAST)

Title:Research Associate

Location:Yerevan, Armenia

Start Date:  20 May 2019


Description:The Research Associate will work in a team of life scientists exploring novel, breakthrough venture hypotheses, i.e. ideas that will be further developed during the ProtoCo and NewCo phases to lay the foundations of new companies. The position requires both practical and basic knowledge of modern tools and techniques in life sciences. This individual will contribute scientific and technical expertise to a multidisciplinary team, emphasizing conceptualization, creativity, ideation, and data analysis.


- PhD or master's degree in Life Sciences or an adjacent field;
- Self-started and independent thinker with demonstrated academic excellence;
- Excellent teamwork, communication and interpersonal skills;
- Creativity to solve complex scientific and business problems.


- Explore novel ideas and generate venture hypotheses in life sciences;
- Write and present results to the team;
- Process, analyze, interpret and visualize all data;
- Implement, design and invent new approaches that will fundamentally change the way one extracts knowledge from life sciences.

Address:  Armenia

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