Title:Marketing Communications Officer

Location:Yerevan, 23/6 Davit Anhaght Street


Deadline:   18 Jan 2019


Description:The Marketing Communications Officer will be responsible for developing the Company's and the Clients' marketing and branding strategy, for establishing and developing business network, and for organizing and conducting different marketing events. The incumbent will develop short-term and long-term brand development strategy, as well as provide professional consulting in the field of branding and marketing. He/ she will report directly to the Company Communications Director.


- Bachelor's or master's degree in Marketing or other relevant fields;
- At least 3 years of work experience, of which 2 years of experience in the relevant field;
- Excellent knowledge in written and verbal English, Russian and Armenian languages;
- Computer skills: MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, knowledge of internet marketing mechanism;
- Excellent presentation skills;
- Knowledge of communications, change and reputation management, media marketing and public opinion research techniques and terminology;
- Ability to work within deadlines, under pressure and in a few directions simultaneously;
- Excellent communications and negotiations skills, ability to work in a team;
- Adherence to higher ethical working standards such as honesty, dedication and responsibility; innovative thinking skills; confidentiality and political neutrality.


- Establish, develop and implement marketing strategies for the Company and the Clients, as well as organize advertisement campaigns based on relevant segments or target groups;
- Establish and develop the corporate style of the Company and the Clients, ensure its usage by applying brand-book, printed product, portfolio, organizational materials and other accessories;
- Develop business network, which is necessary for the effective and professional implementation of the Company and the Clients' work;
- Elaborate the Company's and the Clients' branding and brand promotion strategies;
- Follow the market and the competitors' policy trends, and periodically develop proposals for flexible pricing, for enlarging service packages and for arranging different marketing events;
- Organize, follow and analyze the effectiveness and future development opportunities of the organized marketing events;
- Participate in the discussion, elaboration and management of the Communications Department projects and sub-projects;
- Perform marketing and branding establishment, management and consulting within other projects;
- Keep good, professional relationship with current and former clients, support them with professional advice;
- Collaborate with other specialists, to define possible mistakes and incorrectness, and be willing to correct them;
- According to existing laws and regulations take other job-related responsibilities which may be required from time to time.

Address:  23/6 Davit Anhaght Street

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